Infographic: Top Chronic Health Conditions Impacting Population Health

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The combined forces of industry consolidation, value-based compensation, regulatory changes, and a growing senior population have prompted new ways of thinking about population health.

Healthcare providers are experimenting with both technological and non-technological ways of engaging patients outside the office. Inpatient stays, though sometimes necessary, can be physically and mentally challenging for patients and are expensive for both those seeking treatment and providing care. This can be especially true for patients with chronic conditions that require consistent management and care coordination, oftentimes between multiple facilities and physicians.

Healthcare providers that successfully serve patients with chronic conditions are likely to possess a combination of efficient coordination across doctors and facilities, easy self-reporting mechanisms for patients, and outreach to at-risk patients about primary care options.  In the infographic below, we pulled Definitive Healthcare’s all-payor claims data to determine the five most common chronic health conditions in the U.S. as well as their associated costs and comorbidities.

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  • Infographic: Top Chronic Health Conditions Impacting Population Health
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