Increase strategic engagement

Accurately benchmark external relations and align strategic engagement activities. Monocl Engage lets you dynamically plan within your organization to ensure long-term success by aligning activities through a holistic view for execution and performance optimization. Continue to optimize performance by evaluating the impact of engagement activities with external experts in real-time for proactive decision-making.

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Get global visibility, dynamic collaboration, compliant and secure access and strategic insights in a single source. Ditch siloed, static spreadsheets to access the world’s first cross-functional SaaS offering for expert engagement planning, tailored to meet the needs of medical affairs and commercial organizations worldwide.


Engage strategically

Monocl Engage can be used to:


Plan dynamically

Ensure long-term strategic success by aligning engagement activities with your organization's medical strategy and therapeutic goals.


Execute strategy

Develop insight-driven medical strategies and long-term expert relationships through collaborative planning and best practices.


Optimize performance

Evaluate the impact of engagement activities with external experts in real-time for proactive decision-making.

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Monocl Engage enables you to:

Demonstrate impact

Measure performance to prove the value your activities and efforts are having on your goals, allowing for strong internal communication and more informed planning.

Accelerate efforts

Work in transparent and collaborative environments to ensure your team is engaging the right external experts to drive organizational goals and local objectives.

Manage user permissions

Ensure compliance while enhancing collaboration with tiered access, allowing medical and commercial teams to securely engage with plans across teams and functions.

Leverage best practices

Analyze past performance to gain a holistic understanding of key success factors, drive mutually beneficial expert relationships and optimize your daily workflow.

Value from day one

Our intuitive user interface requires minimal training and setup, so your team can get right to work as soon as you log in. Build contact profiles, run engagement plans and activities to take your medical organization to the next level.

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