In addition to our robust database of U.S. hospitals, Definitive Healthcare offers similar data on over 800 hospitals and 120 health systems in Canada, across the country’s ten provinces and three territories.

Unlike the U.S. healthcare system, Canadian healthcare has been publicly funded since 1984. Every Canadian is covered for essential healthcare services, with the option to pay out-of-pocket or purchase supplemental insurance coverage for dental & vision care. Additionally, the Canadian government negotiates drug prices with pharmaceutical companies on a federal level, reducing medication costs throughout the country.

The differences in the Canadian healthcare model make it difficult for U.S.-based companies and organizations to sell into the foreign market. Currently, Definitive Healthcare's Canadian Hospitals database includes:

  • Hospital profiles, including network and sub-network affiliations
  • Relationships with Canadian Provincial Hospital Authorities
  • Over 7,000 Canadian hospital executives with phone numbers
  • Technology implementations and vendors
  • Financial metrics and statistics
  • Daily updated Canada-specific Request for Proposal opportunities

For an example of the data we provide, visit our blog post on the Top Canadian Hospitals & EHR Vendors

Definitive Healthcare's Canadian hospital database is another part of its diverse product suite, which covers the healthcare provider market across the U.S. & Canada. In addition to hospitals and health systems, our U.S. databases track intelligence on physicians, physician groups, clinics, long-term care facilities, and much more.