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Canadian Hospitals Database

Targeting care providers north of the border? Explore our database of 900 hospitals and 120 health systems throughout Canada to expand your customer base outside of the U.S.

Our database of Canadian hospitals includes:

  • When available, basic clinical information such as the number of acute care hospital stays, average length of stay, and hospital occupancy rate.
  • Executive, director, and administrator contact information.
  • Relationships with Canadian Provincial Hospital Authorities and care providers.
  • Executive phone numbers and other contact information
  • Data on technologies in use, such as the type of clinical systems installed, most common vendors, and other similar information.

Use cases

Segment the Canadian Hospital Market

Target hospitals in a specific region or province, by bed size, membership with certain group purchasing/shared services organization, or hospital type (cancer treatment, extended & chronic care, etc.)

Pull Lists of All Decision Makers

Retrieve emails addresses for over 500 executives in the Canadian Healthcare system to fuel marketing campaigns, generate sales leads, or support other business development efforts.




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