American Hospital Association

What is the American Hospital Association (AHA)?

The American Hospital Association (AHA) is a national organization representing and serving all types of hospitals and healthcare networks, along with their patients and communities. The AHA comprises nearly 5,000 hospitals, networks, health systems, and other care providers, in addition to 43,000 individual members.

The AHA works to educate healthcare leaders and provide information regarding healthcare trends and issues.

Membership options for the AHA include institutional memberships and personal memberships. Institutional memberships are for organizations including hospitals, health systems, pre and post-acute care facilities, and hospital-affiliated education programs.

Why is the AHA important for healthcare?

The AHA actively participates in initiatives and partnerships that aim to address areas of concern within the healthcare system. As such, their role is significant in improving healthcare, especially in identifying concerns and providing solutions.

By serving and leading care facilities, the AHA helps advance the health of all individuals and communities.