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Average Daily Census (ADC)

What is average daily census (ADC)?

The average daily census (ADC) is the average number of inpatient stays for a day in a hospital over a designated period of time. The ADC excludes newborns.

The ADC may be calculated based on a yearly or monthly scale. If calculated for the year, the total number of inpatients for the year is divided by 365, providing the average number of inpatients receiving care each day.

Why is the ADC important in healthcare?

The ADC can provide important performance information for hospitals, which can be used to improve treatment and maximize operational efficiency.

For example, ADC can help hospitals see which departments are overburdened or which times of year are the busiest. The ADC can also help hospitals see which departments are experiencing a decline in the number of patients.

Overall, the ADC allows hospitals to see their capacity for inpatient care and where resources and finances should be allocated based on the needs of the patients visiting the hospital.