Top 15 skilled nursing facilities by average daily census

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) provide inpatient care and short- and long-term rehabilitation to elderly patients, especially those who require 24/7 support to transition out of the hospital.

As the U.S. population continues to age, SNFs and nursing homes—residential facilities for longer-term, less clinically intensive nursing care—represent an increasingly important part of the care continuum. Most often, these facilities treat common diagnoses like COVID-19, urinary tract infections, and sepsis.

Definitive Healthcare tracks data on more than 20,000 skilled nursing facilities. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top SNFs by average daily census (ADC), a measure of a facility’s average patient population.

Read on to see which SNFs maintained the highest patient counts on average.

Skilled nursing facilities with the highest average daily census

Rank Facility Name Definitive ID City State Average Daily Census
1 Hebrew Home at Riverdale 566214 Riverdale NY 752
2 The Plaza Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 565291 Bronx NY 674
3 Veterans Home of California Yountville - Skilled Nursing 569007 Yountville CA 663
4 Cedarbrook Nursing Home - Allentown 562580 Allentown PA 615
5 Isabella Center 566409 New York NY 542
6 Lakewood - Skilled Nursing 563516 Richmond VA 520
7 The Chesapeake - Skilled Nursing 563514 Newport News VA 508
8 Goodwin House Baileys Crossroads - Skilled Nursing 562021 Falls Church VA 508
9 Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center 565624 Syracuse NY 504
10 The Forum at Rancho San Antonio Health Care Center 568618 Cupertino CA 500
11 Gracedale Nursing Home 574320 Nazareth PA 496
12 Brookdale Skyline - Skilled Nursing 564355 Colorado Springs CO 490
13 NYC Health and Hospitals/Coler Skilled Nursing Care 579027 Roosevelt Island NY 489
14 Kings Harbor Multicare Center 572113 Bronx NY 489
15 CC Young Senior Living - Skilled Nursing 567657 Dallas TX 488

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare LongTermCareView product. Data is accurate as of August 2022.

Which SNFs had the highest ADC?

Hebrew Home at Riverdale in Riverdale, New York has an ADC of 752, putting it first on our list. With 843 staffed beds, Hebrew Home maintained an average daily occupancy rate of 89%.

In second is the Plaza Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in the Bronx, New York, with an ADC of 674. This facility has 744 staffed beds, putting their average daily occupancy just above the Hebrew Home at Riverdale at 90%.

Trailing only slightly in third is the Veterans Home of California Yountville with an ADC of 663.

The average ADC among facilities on our list was 549. The average number of staffed beds was 656.

How do you calculate average daily inpatient census?

ADC is the average number of inpatient beds occupied each day over the course of a year. The most accurate way to calculate ADC is to add the daily patient census for every day of the year, then divide by 365.

ADC can be approximated by adding the daily census for every day within a shorter period of time—say, a month—then dividing by the number of days within that period.

Why is ADC important?

Calculating ADC gives providers a high-level understanding of their facility’s patient load. This figure can also be used by healthcare vendors or competing providers as market intelligence to understand a facility’s overall busyness. Examining ADCs for consecutive periods of time can help determine when a facility is most busy.

Yearly ADC can by multiplied by 365 to determine the total number of patient days per year. As demonstrated above, ADC can also be divided by bed capacity and multiplied by 100 to determine occupancy rate.

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