Clinical Research Center

What is a clinical research center?

A clinical research center (CRC) is a location where scientists can conduct early-phase clinical trials and other experimental clinical research projects. The facility possesses all the tools needed by the researchers to conduct their clinical trials and offers a location for volunteers and patients to receive treatment.

The CRC may be a part of a hospital or a separate clinic.

Clinical research centers offer a range of healthcare services and may include access to the following amenities:

  • Research nursing
  • Laboratory services
  • Research metabolic & nutrition services
  • Clinical support
  • Project management by clinical research coordinators

Why are CRCs important for healthcare?

Clinical trials and research are crucial for advancing medicine, and CRCs offer a place for these trials to occur while also providing the research team with all the resources they need to complete their research.

At a research center, patients can receive their treatment while having blood drawn, vitals taken, or other necessary tests to gauge treatment effectiveness. Having all services completed in one location makes it more convenient for participants to partake in clinical trials and makes the entire research process more efficient.