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Commercial Groupers

What are commercial groupers?

Commercial groupers create service line groups, including a range of proprietary and industry-standard groupings. They may use the Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) classification system or the Clinical Classifications Software (CCS), or they may create groupings on another basis entirely. Which codes are included within the commercial grouper depends on the chosen software tool, as does how they are mapped.

Service lines refer to the care provided to patients of a specific cohort, such as cancer patients, women, children, etc. They may focus on a particular disease, patient attributes such as age or gender, or demographic information such as location and access to care.

Since they are meant to be used by many healthcare facilities, commercial groupers generally provide data in the form of a broad summary, which can be further analyzed for insights into the most relevant procedures for the health system or facility.

How do commercial groupers aid healthcare?

Many commercial groupers have been developed for use by hospitals as an industry-specific method for grouping and analyzing service lines. However, commercial groupers also exist for other industries within the healthcare space, offering service line grouping and easier analysis of service lines that ultimately contribute to better care outcomes for patients.