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Confirmed Insights

What are confirmed insights?

Confirmed insights are data-backed findings that drive change within the healthcare field. They are based on relevant information collected by a medical affairs professional by examining disease community data or communicating with an external stakeholder.

Analysis of confirmed insights can drive planning, decisions, or actions. For example, a confirmed insight can reveal how a specific population uses a medical device or where there are unmet needs for a particular health condition.

Insights often:

  • Constitute a “call to action”
  • Are relevant to strategic objectives
  • Originate from the external healthcare environment
  • Are captured by in-field professionals
  • Connect external thoughts and behaviors to potential internal action

Confirmed insights may be expected or unexpected based on whether they identify the presence or absence of expected behaviors. Insights can also confirm that current tactics or practices should be continued or suggest that new strategic directions should be pursued.

How do confirmed insights improve healthcare?

One of the primary goals of the biopharmaceutical and medtech industries is to continually support areas of unmet needs, thus improving clinical practice by bringing the right patients the right therapies at the right time.

Confirmed insights allow companies in the medical industry to identify the current needs of target populations and identify the opinions, behaviors, or knowledge that drive necessary change.