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Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

What are digital therapeutics (DTx)?

Digital therapeutics are evidence-based therapeutic interventions that are driven by software. They aim to prevent, treat, or manage medical diseases or disorders using mobile devices, sensors, apps, virtual reality, and other tools.

Digital therapeutics usually involves patient-facing software. For example, some DTx systems can be used to help patients self-manage their symptoms, which is especially beneficial for those with chronic diseases. Not only does it allow a patient to play a more active role in their healthcare, but it also reduces the number of office visits they require.

Digital therapeutics may be used on their own, but they can also be combined with other treatments, such as in-person therapy or medical devices.

How can DTx improve healthcare?

DTx helps to eliminate many gaps in healthcare by:

  • Increasing patient access to safe and effective therapies
  • Delivering therapies through easily accessible tablets, smartphones, and other technologies
  • Extending a clinician’s ability to care for patients
  • Lowering the stigma associated with certain therapies by offering at-home privacy
  • Offering therapies in more languages
  • Providing results and insights on personalized goals specific to a patient

By increasing access to therapies and healthcare, DTx can help underserved populations get the care they need, improving health equity.