Emerging Expert or "Rising Star"

An emerging expert, also referred to as a “rising star,” is a medical and scientific professional in the early stage of their career who has shown the potential to become an influential voice in their therapeutic area.

What is the difference between a “Rising Star” and a KOL?

A “rising star” and a key opinion leader (KOL) are similar in that they can both provide life science companies with in-depth knowledge of their specific therapeutic areas. The key difference between the two is that a “rising star” shows potential to become an established influence, while a KOL has been established as a well-respected influencer based on proven experience and expertise in their field.

How do you identify emerging experts?

Medical affairs groups often rely on recommendations from existing networks and established experts to identify rising stars. Some groups may take a more data-driven approach to identifying these emerging experts by developing a definition and set of criteria in the context of specific therapeutic areas. With this criterion in mind, they then search a comprehensive database for individuals who best fit the profile.

How are emerging experts important for medical affairs?

Because emerging experts show promising potential of becoming established experts in their fields, life science companies often seek to engage with them to form long-term professional relationships. Emerging experts provide unique value to these organizations as they are generally more accessible and bring an innovative mindset and fresh scientific understanding to discussions.