Emerging Expert or "Rising Star"

Medical and scientific professionals in the early stage of their career, who have shown the potential to become influential voices in their therapeutic area.

Emerging experts, sometimes called “rising stars” are early career medical and scientific professionals who have set themselves apart from their peers in a therapeutic area and have shown the potential to develop into the leading voices in their field as their careers progress.


Importance of emerging experts for medical affairs?

Emerging experts are tomorrow’s established experts and as such are thought after by life science companies who seek to identify and engage them with the goal to forge long-term professional relationships. Emerging experts can provide unique value to life science companies as they are generally more accessible and bring an innovative mindset and a fresh scientific voice to the discussion. Medical affairs groups value emerging experts and try to identify those relevant to their therapeutic areas of interest early.


How to identify emerging experts?

Many medical affairs groups rely on existing networks and established experts for recommendations. A more data-driven approach to identification and prioritization of emerging experts is to develop a definition and a set of criteria in the context of a specific therapeutic area and then search a comprehensive database for those individuals, who best fit the profile.


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