Habilitation Services

What are habilitation services?

Habilitation services are healthcare services that support individuals in learning, maintaining, or improving functional, daily-life skills.  

Some examples of habilitation services include: 

  • Occupational therapy 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Speech-language pathology  

Habilitation services may be outpatient or inpatient and are often provided to pediatric patients.  

What’s the difference between habilitation services and rehabilitation services?  

A significant difference between habilitative and rehabilitative services is that habilitative services help patients develop abilities that they otherwise have not or cannot, while rehabilitative services help patients regain functioning and skills. 

Why are habilitation services important to healthcare?

Habilitation services are important to healthcare because they improve and maintain many individuals’ functioning. In turn, this helps these individuals live improved and more independent lives.