Hybrid Operating Room

What is a hybrid operating room?

A hybrid operating room (OR) is a surgical theater that includes medical imaging devices. It combines the traditional operating room with an image-guided interventional suite, making it a hybrid. The teams that use the hybrid operating room are also integrated, forming a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals, each with their own task in the hybrid operating room.

Combining an operating room and imaging tools allows for the performance of both minimally invasive and open procedures with the assistance of imaging devices.

Hybrid operating rooms also allow for easy conversion between minimally invasive and open procedures within one operating room. This enables minimally invasive surgeries that were once deemed unsafe because they might quickly convert to an open procedure. Since the hybrid operating room is equipped for both scenarios, there is less concern should that situation arise.

Why is a hybrid operating room important for healthcare?

Since hybrid operating rooms allow for surgical combinations, the patient does not have to undergo multiple surgeries, which results in a shorter recovery time and less stress placed on the body. Additionally, this leads to a shorter hospital stay and lower cost of healthcare since an easier recovery lowers their reliance on patient management resources.

Hybrid operating rooms also use staff and equipment more efficiently and are more cost-effective. Learn more about how hybrid operating rooms are changing inpatient care.