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Institutional Long-Term Care

What is institutional long-term care?

Institutional long-term care refers to long-term care services in institutions that are authorized for Medicaid coverage through the Social Security Act.

Institutional long-term care includes:

Unlike other Medicaid services which are banned from doing so, care provided in institutional long-term care facilities includes room and board for admitted patients.

To be considered an institutional long-term care facility, an organization must obtain a license from the state where it is located based on federal standards. Institutional long-term care facilities are also frequently surveyed to make sure their services remain fit for their licenses and certifications.

Why is institutional long-term care important to healthcare?

Institutional long-term care is important because it provides millions of Americans with disabilities and chronic conditions the long-term support they require to manage day-to-day life. In addition, the elderly population in the United States is on the rise, leading more people to need long-term care.