Journal Editorial Board

The editorial board of a scientific journal is a team of experts in the journal’s field who provide advice on content, encourage submission of scientific publications and help attract qualified authors.

Editorial board members and their role

Editorial board are generally comprised of domain experts who serve as advisors and ambassadors for their journals. Their tasks include among others:

  • Reviewing manuscripts submitted to the journal.
  • Identifying additional peer reviewers, esp. in cases where external reviewers may be difficult to find.
  • Writing of editorials or review articles.
  • Identifying and approaching new potential contributors.
  • Advising on journal policy and direction.
  • Serving as mentors for up and coming authors.

In addition, editorial board members are ambassadors of their journals, who help increase the journal’s profile by promoting the journal among their peers and encouraging researchers to submit their best publications to their journal.

Editorial board members play an important role and a strong board is crucial for the publication. The strength of the editorial board can impact the perceived quality of the journal therefore making the selection of editorial board members an important and competitive process.

For scientists and healthcare providers being invited to join the editorial board of a prestigious journal is generally considered an honor and a coveted position to have.

Selection of editorial board members

When selecting editorial board members, journal editors are looking for previous reviewer and editorial experience in addition to factors such as prompt responses, detailed, well-justified comments, clear recommendations, reliable communication and a collegial spirit.