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Nursing Home

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is a facility for individuals who cannot be cared for at home but do not need to be in a hospital. Most nursing homes employ skilled nurses and nursing aides who are available 24 hours a day.

The environment of a nursing home can vary between each facility. Some more closely resemble a home and neighborhood by refraining from a set schedule and opening the kitchens to the residents.

Staff at these locations may also place a greater emphasis on developing relationships with the residents. At other nursing homes, the environment may more closely resemble a hospital, with the staff providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy and a nurses’ station on each floor.

Why are nursing homes important for healthcare?

Nursing homes are commonly considered to be only for the elderly, but anyone who requires 24-hour care can live in this facility. Nursing homes provide a wide range of medical and personal services to residents, such as prepared meals, mobility assistance, and 24-hour supervision, ensuring the resident is well cared for.

Some nursing homes may even have a special care unit, with these commonly directed toward those with Alzheimer’s disease.