Renal Dialysis Center

What is it?

A renal dialysis center, or sometimes just referred to as a dialysis center, is a place typically outside of a hospital where patients can receive hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment. Dialysis treatment is required for patients whose kidneys cannot remove waste and other toxins from the blood.

It’s important for a patient to not miss or skip dialysis sessions, as a center may not be able to make up the time due to their own busy schedule. While treatment processes may vary from center to center, patients will typically receive around three treatments a week. Each treatment may take about three to four hours each time.

Why is it important?

Living with kidney disease is often incredibly difficult and can hinder a patient’s ability to live an active, independent life. Treatment performed at a renal dialysis center (or at home or a hospital) is necessary to help remove waste, control blood pressure and maintain safe chemical levels in a patient’s blood. After treatment, a dialysis patient can usually return to work, travel, or live normally.

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