Surgical Suite

What is a surgical suite?

A surgical suite is a group of one or more operating rooms, recovery rooms, and other related areas (e.g., scrub room, sterile storage room) located at a facility where surgery is performed.

Surgical suites can be designed and equipped for general use or to accommodate specific types of surgical procedures, including:

  • neuro
  • orthopedic
  • urology
  • spine
  • cardiac/thoracic

Surgical suites vary in size depending on their function. Larger rooms may be necessary to accommodate bulky technology (such as MRIs) or larger surgical teams. However, smaller suites can improve efficiency by reducing the distance between support and supply areas and the surgical site.

Why are surgical suites important for healthcare?

Surgical suites combine advanced technology (like operating room management systems) with specialized spatial design to ensure safe and effective surgical procedures and recovery.

Additionally, the self-contained nature of surgical suites can help minimize infection, a crucial component of risk management.