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Transfusion Management System 

What is a transfusion management system?  

A transfusion management system is a type of software that oversees blood transfusions. In particular, these systems contain data related to blood transfusions, such as test results and orders. Transfusion management systems also facilitate partnerships between labs, blood banks, nurses and physicians by simplifying data sharing. Blood bank managers often rely on data from these systems to improve transfusion efficiency and safety.   

Transfusion management systems integrate with EHRs and EMRs.   

Why are transfusion management systems important to healthcare?  

Transfusion management systems are important to healthcare because they provide healthcare professionals valuable insight into the blood transfusion process. Since they are usually compatible with other systems, they can also promote interoperability.   

Transfusion management systems comply with safety and privacy standards, ensuring that protected health information stays private.