Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)

What is a visiting nurse association (VNA)?

A visiting nurse association (VNA) is any organization that provides home health care and hospice services through a network of nurses, social workers, therapists, and other healthcare associates specific for housebound patients, patients with a disability or chronic condition, or those recovering from an illness or injury. A VNA may also be referred to as a home health agency or a visiting nurse agency.

The tasks completed by a VNA typically attend to patients’ basic needs, like hygiene and nutrition.

However, the VNA can also provide more professional care, such as

  • emergency interventions
  • infusion
  • medication administration
  • taking vital signs
  • managing wound care

VNAs may provide general care services or specialize in one type of care. Some VNAs may cater to patients recovering from an operation, while others help those with a specific chronic condition or stage of life. 

Why are VNAs important for healthcare?

A VNA brings professional medical attention and care to a patient’s home. Whether the patient requires post-operative assistance or end-of-life care, a VNA can help match them with the services they need on a personalized basis.