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Workstation on Wheels

What is a workstation on wheels?

A workstation on wheels is a portable computer cart utilized in medical settings. Workstations on wheels are battery-powered and lightweight, letting healthcare providers bring their work and devices wherever they’re needed in a healthcare facility.  

Some features of workstations on wheels include: 

  • Laptop or computer mounting 
  • Barcode scanner 
  • Printer  
  • Mouse area 
  • Extendable keyboard 
  • Storage areas  

Why are workstations on wheels important to healthcare?

Workstations on wheels are important to healthcare because they streamline medical professionals’ workflow processes. They also give providers more flexibility in their work, reduce errors and improve productivity.  

Additionally, workstations on wheels integrate well with many digital elements, such as EHRs and EMRs. All these benefits align to enhance the quality of patient care.