Top 14 encoder vendors by number of installations

Encoders are a critical tool that eases some of the burdens of coding on healthcare providers. They also help ensure that codes are accurate and comprehensive, thus reducing the need for providers and health systems to resubmit claims.

We compiled a list of the top encoder vendors by the number of installs. Check out which vendors made the list below.

Top encoder vendors by greatest number of installations

Rank Vendor # of Installations
1 3M Health Information Systems 5,208
2 Nuance 353
3 Optum 283
4 TruCode 204
5 NTT Data 147
6 Harris Healthcare 93
7 Vista 74
8 Oracle Cerner 51
10 Vizient 31
11 Innovative Health Solutions LLC 28
12 Evident a CPSI Company 23
13 athenahealth 18

Fig. 1Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of July 2022.

Top encoder vendors by % market share


Fig. 2 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of July 2022.

Which encoder vendor has the most installations?

3M Health Information Systems has the greatest number of installations at 5,208, with more than 79% of the market share.

Nuance, who comes in second, is significantly lower, with 353 installations and 5.42% of the market share.

In third is Optum, with 283 installations and a market share of 4.34%.

What is an encoder in medical coding?

An encoder is a piece of software that uses a set of terminology to select medical codes. The terminology branches from general to more specific codes to help providers accurately record the right code. Medical professionals leverage the ICD-10-CM together with encoders to help classify disease.

What is computer assisted coding (CAC)?

Computer assisted coding software is a feature that some encoders have. CAC systems utilize natural language processing (NLP) to suggest CPT and ICD codes that may be associated with certain diagnoses.

Computer assisted coding pros and cons

There are several benefits of computer assisted coding, which include less time spent coding and more accurate coding.

Despite these advantages, there are also a few disadvantages of computer assisted coding. First, the type of EHR system a healthcare organization utilizes may impact coding accuracy. Computer assisted coding has also been less successful with larger records. Last, computer assisted coding technology needs to be updated when codes are added.

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