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Top hospitals in Rhode Island by net patient revenue

Despite being the smallest state in the U.S. area-wise, Rhode Island ranks 44th state based on population, making it the second most densely populated state. According to data reported by Definitive Healthcare, there are roughly 17 hospitals and seven integrated delivery networks (IDNs) for the nearly 1.1 million people who call the Ocean State home.

Below is a table of the largest hospitals in Rhode Island based on net patient revenue (NPR). This data was retrieved using HospitalView.

NPR is a standard metric for measuring the financial performance of healthcare organizations. It includes the money generated through patient services from sources such as commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Rhode Island hospitals with the highest net patient revenue

Rank RI hospital name City Definitive ID Net patient revenue # of discharges # of staffed beds Explore dataset 
Rhode Island Hospital Providence 3603 $1,364,644,824  29,131 648 Explore
Miriam Hospital Providence 3606 $473,356,626  15,516 246 Explore
Women & Infants Hospital Providence 3604 $435,100,723  10,622 247 Explore
Kent Hospital Warwick 3601 $345,389,461  12,028 323 Explore
South County Hospital Wakefield 3611 $212,589,538  5,600 79 Explore
Roger Williams Medical Center Providence 3608 $167,734,673  5,437 148 Explore
Our Lady of Fatima Hospital North Providence 3609 $136,086,650  3,105 163 Explore
Landmark Medical Center Woonsocket 3605 $135,728,637  5,705 123 Explore
Newport Hospital Newport 3602 $121,259,838  4,001 66 Explore
10 Westerly Hospital Westerly 3610 $113,323,302  2,998 77 Explore

Fig. 1 - Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of March 2024.

Which Rhode Island hospitals have the highest net patient revenue?

In first place is Rhode Island Hospital with an NPR of $1.3 billion, according to the most recent 12-month interval tracked in our database. This hospital is also the largest RI hospital by bed count, with at least twice as many as any other hospital in the state. Because of the hospital’s many beds, Rhode Island Hospital can treat more patients at once, thus bringing in more revenue.

Rhode Island Hospital also houses the state’s only Level I Trauma Center. It is partnered with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University as a teaching hospital and offers expertise in cardiology, cancer, neurosciences, emergency medicine, and orthopedics.

Miriam Hospital is second on our list, with a net patient revenue of $473 million. This hospital is part of the Lifespan IDN along with Rhode Island Hospital and Newport Hospital. Miriam Hospital is ranked #1 in Rhode Island by U.S. News & World Reports, surprisingly bypassing the number one hospital in terms of NPR, showing that the highest NPR doesn’t always equate to the highest level of care.

Finishing up our top three hospitals in RI based on NPR is the Women & Infants Hospital, with an NPR of $435 million. This non-profit hospital possesses Rhode Island’s only Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and delivers the most babies in Rhode Island.

How to use Rhode Island NPR for your healthcare commercialization strategy

For anyone looking to sell into the healthcare industry in Rhode Island, understanding RI’s hospital landscape is paramount in making strategic decisions. Whether you’re bringing your product or service to market, knowing which Rhode Island hospitals have the highest NPR can help you size the market, align sales territories, or make strategic investment decisions.

Value can also be found when combining NPR and hospital location, specifically when aligning sales territories or deciding the best place to focus your efforts. In the case of Rhode Island Hospitals, seven of RI’s 17 hospitals are in Providence, including all the top three hospitals. This data can be valuable when determining which hospitals are best to partner with to stretch your resources the farthest.

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