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Top teaching hospitals by number of beds

Teaching hospitals are at the heart of graduate medical education. As the final phase of training for those who have successfully completed medical school, a teaching hospital offers future doctors the opportunity to learn and practice healthcare in a hospital setting.  

These facilities also have an important place within the broader healthcare ecosystem. Teaching hospitals have access to cutting-edge equipment and specialists usually not available anywhere else in the community.  

Using HospitalView, we ranked the top 20 teaching hospitals in the U.S. by the number of staffed beds available. You can also read our Healthcare Insights on the top teaching hospitals by net patient revenue for analysis from a different perspective.  

The top 20 teaching hospitals ranked by number of staffed beds

Hospital name State Definitive ID # of staffed beds Net patient revenue Explore dataset
Jackson Memorial Hospital FL 845 1,504 $1,315,420,355  Explore
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus OH 3120 1,325 $5,241,664,591  Explore
Barnes-Jewish Hospital MO 2442 1,274 $2,146,591,415  Explore
UPMC Presbyterian PA 3439 1,146 $2,082,739,594  Explore
UAB Hospital AL 71 1,129 $2,198,201,563  Explore
Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center NC 3003 1,119 $2,485,398,176  Explore
Houston Methodist Hospital (FKA the Methodist Hospital) TX 4012 1,116 $2,114,391,175  Explore
Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Marys Campus MN 2191 1,111 $2,837,714,279  Explore
Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center TX 4018 1,067 $2,142,530,278  Explore
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (AKA Ohio State University Hospital) OH 3140 1,026 $2,196,385,250  Explore
Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak MI 2066 1,025 $1,348,771,244  Explore
Ochsner Medical Center - Main Campus LA 1772 1,024 $1,713,124,006  Explore
The Johns Hopkins Hospital MD 1914 1,019 $2,353,829,577  Explore
Massachusetts General Hospital MA 1973 995 $3,376,488,407  Explore
Duke University Hospital NC 2973 960 $2,675,540,231  Explore
University Hospital MI 2096 944 $4,028,211,053  Explore
Tampa General Hospital (AKA Florida Health Sciences Center) FL 809 898 $1,379,564,894  Explore
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center CA 430 882 $3,550,379,003  Explore
Northwestern Memorial Hospital IL 1135 874 $2,224,223,352  Explore
NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center NY 541974 862 $5,734,047,089 Explore

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView database. Data is from October 2021 Medicare Cost Report release. Data accessed May 2022.  

Which teaching hospital has the most staffed beds? 

From the list above, we can see that Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida ranks number one with 1,504 staffed beds. The Cleveland Clinic Main Campus in Ohio follows closely behind, with 1,325 staffed beds.  

Other hospitals on this list include Duke University Hospital in North Carolina and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, both of which rank highly on our list of the top teaching hospitals by net patient revenue.  

We can see that many of the top teaching hospitals are in the Northeast and Midwest of the U.S. This tracks as nearly all teaching hospitals are found near major cities or reside in high-population states.  

What is a teaching hospital? 

A teaching hospital is exactly as it sounds: a hospital that partners with a medical school to teach and train the next generation of physicians, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Like their traditional counterparts, teaching hospitals also provide patients and the community with healthcare services ranging from routine medical care to surgeries, rehabilitation and more.  

Teaching hospitals also dedicate considerable resources to furthering medical and clinical research. As a result, most teaching hospitals attract highly qualified specialists capable of offering unique care for complex illnesses and injuries not available anywhere else in the region.  

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