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The healthcare industry is complicated — so let’s talk about it. Justin Steinman, chief marketing officer at Definitive Healthcare, is your host for data-driven conversations with thought leaders from every corner of the $4 trillion industry.


Every two weeks, Justin and his expert guests discuss healthcare’s biggest trends, consider where the industry might be heading and break down what it means for you. Tune in for thought-provoking perspectives and data that will expand your view of U.S. healthcare.

Our host

Justin Steinman

Chief Marketing Officer

Justin Steinman

Justin Steinman is passionate about data and its ability to transform how we think about healthcare. With years of industry expertise, he’s developed a knack for helping others see the opportunities in healthcare’s complexities. When he’s not leading Definitive Healthcare’s marketing strategy, development and execution, you can find him coaching Little League baseball or reading a good book on the beach.

Our contributors

Brittany Morin-Mezzadri

Brittany Morin-Mezzadri

Solutions Engineer

Todd Bellemare

Todd Bellemare

Senior Vice President, Strategic Services

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