Infographic: The impact of delaying care due to COVID-19

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Fear of the COVID-19 virus has caused many people to avoid necessary trips to a hospital or other healthcare providers. Many providers now worry that postponing essential care will have serious health implications for patients—particularly those living with chronic diseases or conditions. 

Definitive Healthcare CEO, Jason Krantz, recently discussed this and other healthcare industry trends in his webinar about Selling to Doctors and Hospitals in a Changed Market

Take a look at the infographic below to learn about the risks of delaying critical care—or listen to our podcast episode with Dr. Mark Pimentel, executive director of the MAST Program at Cedars Sinai Hospital, for more insights into delays of care and the post-pandemic healthcare landscape.

infographic the impact of postponing critical care

Fig Claims data is from Definitive Healthcare’s Medical Claims database, and represents claims volumes through May 2020. Medical claims data is sourced from multiple clearinghouses in the United States and is updated on a monthly basis. Accessed May 2020. 

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  • Infographic: The Impact of Delaying Care Due To COVID-19