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Today, Definitive Healthcare is launching a significant enhancement to our solutions for biopharma and medical device customers. You can read all about the official news here, but let me tell you why I’m so excited about this product launch.

Definitive Healthcare is all about helping our customers make smarter decisions for their go-to-market strategies. To do that, we need to give them the most comprehensive and accurate data about their markets. In other words, our clients need the full picture of the market for their drug, therapy, or device.

Today’s product launch expands our prescription claims data to cover nearly 250 million patient lives. The world is your oyster when you combine de-identified prescription data with provider data. Provider data includes everything from procedure history to referral networks.

With this dataset, life sciences companies can make better and more informed decisions. This is true across a range of functions, from market intelligence to managed markets to sales operations.

Clients can use real-time analytics to identify patterns by specialty, region, and diagnosis. Biopharma and medical device clients can identify high-prescribing physicians in their disease state. This could offer a chance for competitor displacement as well as an opportunity for a new drug or therapy.

Finding high-prescribing physicians may also make it easier to identify those willing to take part in clinical trials. If a physician frequently prescribes one drug, they may be willing to test something new.

Let me give you an example.

Claims to fame

One of our medical device customers manufactures a life-saving device for cardiac patients. They target patients who experienced congestive heart failure, heart attacks, or had a stent or angioplasty.

Our data shows that there are roughly 100,000 doctors in the U.S. who could see these types of patients. Our customer has only 400 sales representatives. That’s way more doctors than sales reps.

So how do they find the right doctors who are most likely to recommend their device? How do they efficiently structure their sales territory coverage? The answer is to identify which doctors are billing specific DRG codes. This allows our customer to be more strategic about whom they target.

This customer uses Definitive Healthcare data to understand the vertical hierarchy of IDNs, hospitals, and physician groups. That information helps them make better decisions around sales coverage and efficiency.

With the new affiliation analytics and expanded claims data announced today, this customer will be better able to:

  • See which IDNs have the highest need for their product
  • Find affiliates of that health system who treat the most heart failure patients
  • Identify the specific prescribers within the hospital they want to contact

Then the client can reach out to the doctors most likely to prescribe their therapy. This is possible through Definitive Healthcare’s intelligent contact data.

A lot more is now possible with today’s product launch. Come back next week, and I’ll share some of the cool things you can do with our new telemedicine data.

Learn more

To dive deeper into what’s included in this expansion, and to see how you can leverage these insights, visit the Rx Claims Expansion webpage.

Are you more interested in the basis of this new module? Check out the Physicians Database & Insights page and get the full picture of healthcare providers in the U.S.

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