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Welcome, Populi!

Aug 14th, 2023

Welcome, Populi!

The Definitive Healthcare family just got a little bigger (and our Atlas Dataset has just gotten a lot better!).

Definitive Healthcare has acquired Populi, a leading healthcare commercial intelligence solution designed specifically for providers. With this acquisition, you’ll get access to loads of new data, powerful analytical and visualization tools, and new integration capabilities that make our platform even more powerful.

The combined offering will help you tap into an expanded Atlas Dataset, with additions that include medical and hospital records, social determinants of health, modeled, and consumer-level data. New population intelligence and clinical propensity models offer deeper insights into consumers’ likelihood to present a specific condition or behavior.

You won’t need to pick up a data science degree to parse all this new content, either. With the addition of Populi comes its self-service, interactive visualization tools that allow you to see the provider market from any perspective and at any scale via easily understandable, customizable graphic reporting—and the best part is that you access it all within the systems that you use every day.

Curious about what Populi means for our family of products and your business? Allow me to make a more thorough introduction—I think you’ll get along great.

Who is Populi?

Created in 2020, Populi is a healthcare data and analytics platform that focuses on the provider market. Populi’s use-case-driven product suites align perfectly with our overall approach to healthcare commercial intelligence, as it not only expands our existing offering with additional data, dynamic visualizations, and new technology, but also complements our solution with novel use cases and analytics.

Want to find the service lines that are primed for growth? Looking to understand network integrity and boost physician loyalty? Maybe you need consumer-level data for market segmentation, campaign intelligence, or even patient record-matching? Populi offers the technology to do all this and more—and now, as a part of the Definitive Healthcare family, our platform is the point of access for these powerful tools.

Along with novel intelligence on providers, markets, and populations, Populi brings its API technology to Definitive Healthcare. These APIs enable you to seamlessly integrate all those data and analytics into the systems you’re likely already using, like Salesforce, Tableau, and AWS.

Populi’s acquisition adds even more data to the already jam-packed (and industry-preferred; just check out our survey results) Atlas Dataset, and gives you brand-new ways to analyze, leverage, and integrate that data across many departments in your organization, including business development, strategy, medical affairs, marketing, data and analytics, and population health teams. In other words, no matter what your role is, there’s a good chance you’re going to love what Populi adds to our platform.

Here's why I’m excited about Populi

On paper and in practice, Populi and Definitive Healthcare are a perfect match: We share strategic visions, our products synergize like they were made for each other, and with so much growth in the provider space, it’s the ideal time to enhance our platform with a provider-focused solution.

One of the most exciting value-adds comes in the form of Populi’s propensity models, which expand the analytics included in Atlas AI to connect patient-level health data with consumer demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic data. That means you can identify, segment, and forecast your patients’ needs and understand the scope of your competitors’ offerings and impact on patient behavior, all within one platform.

Populi also brings its proprietary procedure code grouper to the Definitive Healthcare platform. This tech uses CPT code data to identify and define clinical service lines automatically, saving your data analyst time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually sorting codes into meaningful structures.

If that’s not cool enough, just consider the population intelligence that Populi brings: consumer-level and modeled data on 241 million adults featuring social determinants of health to help you find new intelligence on topics ranging from digital marketing and CRM administration to service line management and population health. An API-focused architecture means more teams can leverage the intelligence in the systems they’re used to, without giving IT and data analytics departments a headache over security or compatibility.

Interactive visualizations are a big deal, too. Think about how many ways there are to look at a single slice of data. A company’s VP of marketing and director of business development need to understand the same patient cohort, but from entirely different angles. Real-time, customizable visualizations make it easy for teams to share and reframe intelligence in a snap, then pass along any key findings for quick executive consumption.

Stay tuned!

By now, you’re probably as excited as I am about what Populi can do. If you’re an existing customer, ask your account executive about an early look.

Not a Definitive Healthcare user yet? Our healthcare commercial intelligence already offers a ton of ways to reach the right patients and providers, hone your investment strategy, and grow and retain revenue.

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