Stay up to date on changes that are happening in your healthcare market before the changes actually happen with Definitive Healthcare’s daily updated Certificate of Need database.

When it comes to state-level healthcare policy, possibly the longest-running and most controversial issues is the certificate of need (CON) process. CON laws are intended to reduce overutilization, duplication of services, and other wasteful capital spending that can drive up health costs. First mandated by the federal government in 1974, CONs require healthcare providers to justify any major capital projects and service changes to state regulators, who must decide if a project is economically sustainable and meets an actual medical need within the community.  

With dozens of new CONs added each week, subscribers can:

  • Search CONs by category, status, region, and other criteria
  • Set up email alerts to receive a daily list of new CONs matching your criteria


Key Topics of CONs include:

  •  Hospital & healthcare facility openings and closings
  • New hospital & healthcare facility construction – such as new wings, increase in number of beds, among others
  • Equipment upgrades and changes
  • Changes in ownership
  • & many more…
Jennelle Thomas, Sales Coordinator, Dynamic Computing Services

We have been subscribed to Definitive Healthcare for about 2 years and I would recommend them. It is very easy to navigate through the system and the support team responds quickly to questions. It’s been a very useful tool!”