Find the right providers for your network with hospital, medical, and prescription claims data

If you want to assess and quantify risk effectively, you need more than just data. You need intelligence. Whether you provide health, business or employer-related insurance, our healthcare commercial intelligence gives you the perspective you need to tailor your solutions to your customers’ specific needs.

Insurance agencies like yours have used our solutions to expedite access to critical data, such as one customer who cut their access time by 94%, freeing their staff to tackle strategic priorities.

From analysis to insight


Size and prioritize market opportunities

Discover how an insurance agency used our intelligence to identify partnership opportunities, prioritize accounts and shape their offerings to providers’ needs.


    A Medicare insurance agency leverages provider partnerships to help patients find the best plan while building long-lasting patient-doctor relationships. Early on, the agency collected its own intelligence on the national provider market, but quickly found that doing their own research into partnership opportunities was slow and inefficient.

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    The agency selected Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianGroupView to gain market- and account-level data on the best provider groups to partner with. This commercial intelligence helped the agency to size new opportunities, prioritize accounts, prepare for outreach with key provider groups and ultimately customize their offerings to each provider’s unique needs.

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    After just four months, the agency cut the time to access critical data by 94%, which enabled them to free up their staff to work on other important sales and marketing programs. As a result, the agency has grown their provider partnerships and expanded their business development activities.

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    Insurance industry solutions that drive your decisions

    Our data and analytics answer critical questions, such as:


    Are there any legal or regulatory trends impacting my clients or prospects?


    Have my customers made any investments in risk mitigation technology?


    Are there relevant board orders concerning providers in my market?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    Insights for your evolving business model

    Our insurance clients use these products to find success in a constantly shifting market:


    Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

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    See detailed and actionable insights on over 2.6 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals to identify and engage the right providers with the most effective message.

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    Get unparalleled intelligence on over 124,000 physician groups so you can quickly see an entire PG organization and better market and sell to your target audience.

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    Elevate your strategy

    Our solutions can be used to:

    Gain deeper insights

    Gain deeper insights

    Evaluate risk profiles using intelligence on the complexity and invasiveness of procedures performed.

    Ensure accuracy

    Ensure accuracy

    Verify information provided in applications for business and employer policies.

    Forecast demand

    Forecast demand

    See provider organizations by region, affiliation, specialty, construction activity and more to understand local market needs and where new potential customer locations are planned.

    Discover opportunities across the insurance ecosystem

    Our solutions help you:

    Find new members

    Leverage hospital and medical claims, affiliation, and financial and clinical metrics to target new members for recruitment.

    Create competitive differentiation

    Utilize market news and analysis to advise clients on their markets’ most defining trends, building trust and providing value beyond typical payer-customer relations.

    Act faster on key prospects

    Swiftly analyze prospect risk profiles based on procedure type and volume to find customers with unique insurance needs and match them to your service offerings.