Get the intelligence you need to find the right candidate

Helping your clients find the right candidate for their open role is challenging in any market environment. Whether you’re looking for the next role to fill, or you’re looking for the right candidate to fill that role, healthcare commercial intelligence is key. With Definitive Healthcare, your search and staffing firm can access executive contact information, RFPs and more, so that you can help your clients find the right people right now.

Staffing and recruiting companies use our solutions to expand their client base and close more business. This past year, one customer was able to increase client acquisition by 32% and top-line revenue by 24%.

The Intelligence You Need to Find the Right Candidate
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A 32% increase in client acquisition

Discover how a Healthcare Starz, a staffing and recruiting company specializing in interim leadership consulting and locum tenens fulfillment, used Definitive Healthcare commercial intelligence to help their clients realize greater returns on their investments while generating millions of dollars in revenue.


    Healthcare Starz helps healthcare organizations that are experiencing growth or a transition by providing interim leadership consulting and connecting them with exceptional locum tenens.

    Looking to expand their client base and close more business, they knew they needed to grow their marketing funnel, identify and target key decision makers and gain a comprehensive understanding of prospects before reaching out to them.

    But information was fragmented, unreliable and time-consuming to gather. To reach their goals, Healthcare Starz needed timely, accurate and updated commercial intelligence.

    Solve your challenge


    Healthcare Starz used our commercial intelligence on hospitals and health systems to find more qualified marketing leads, improve email performance and identify the most valuable sales opportunities. Critical information like executive contacts, financials, staffing, purchasing and affiliations enabled them to gain a holistic understanding of their prospects so they could build a more targeted value proposition and improve their likelihood to win new deals.

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    Accurate, regularly updated executive contact information and hospital organization profiles yielded powerful results. Healthcare Starz greatly expanded its contact database, saw significant improvements in email open and response rates and booked more meetings, which led to a 32% increase in client acquisition. With more meetings and the right intelligence about their prospects, Healthcare Starz could now customize their message, which led to more wins and bigger deals, increasing top-line revenue by 24%.

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    Understand how your client operates

    Our solutions help answer critical questions around important topics, such as:


    How can I size target accounts with a high census?


    Which organizations are currently using staffing agencies to fill open roles?


    What is the average age of a physician within a particular group?


    Which facilities are open to hiring locum tenens?


    Where can I find information on M&A activity in my market?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    See the industry from every angle

    Our healthcare staffing and recruiting clients use these products:


    Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

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    See detailed and actionable insights on over 2.6 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals to identify and engage the right providers with the most effective message.

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    Get unparalleled intelligence on over 124,000 physician groups so you can quickly see an entire PG organization and better market and sell to your target audience.

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    Pursue the right opportunities

    Our data products help you:

    Know what’s coming

    Know what’s coming

    Use RFP search to understand when facilities are looking to fill a need.

    Speak their language

    Speak their language

    Analyze financials, quality scores and more to ensure candidates understand the full picture of the opportunity you are presenting.

    Be an advocate

    Be an advocate

    Help candidates tell a compelling story about their experience by using facility-level information from their current role.

    Optimize for success

    Our data products enable you to:

    Find great talent

    Build a highly qualified candidate pool with healthcare facility and provider-level insights so you can move quickly when opportunities arise.

    Match more candidates

    Increase your placement rate with high quality executive contact information and organizational charts.

    Build your network

    Use job boards to determine whether an organization is open to using an agency.