Top 50 IDNs By Net Patient Revenue

This list provides data on the top 50 IDNs in the U.S. according to net patient revenue. The IDN with the greatest net revenue on our list leads by a significant margin, taking in more than double the net revenue of the network in second place. Our highest-ranking IDN also includes over 200 hospitals in its network, which is approximately 25% larger than the next-largest network.

On average, the top 50 IDNs brought in more than $7.2 billion in net patient revenue, and more than $7.7 billion in total revenues during the most recent reporting period. This is about one-fifth of the net patient revenue earned by the largest IDN. Additionally, the top 50 IDNs contain an average of 40 in-network hospitals, though the network with the highest net patient revenue contains more than 5 times that number.

 Top 5 IDN's by Net Patient Revenue 

  1. New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center: $4,935
  2. Cleveland Clinic: $4,688
  3. Stanford Hospital: $3,453
  4. Florida Hospital Orlando: $3,320
  5. UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus Heights: $3,222

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