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Top 10 hospitals and IDNs by total facility area

Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 9,100 distinct hospitals and IDNs across the U.S. in our Atlas Dataset. Using our HospitalView product, we compiled a list of the facilities ranked by total facility area.

What is total facility area?

Measuring the total facility area is one method healthcare organizations can use to determine the size of a specific facility. Total facility area indicates the number of square feet in an organization’s fixtures and facilities—how physically large the hospital or health system is. Bed count is another method of determining facility size, as it generally indicates how many patients can be served at a time. You can learn more about bed count by reading our Healthcare Insight on which U.S. hospitals have the highest bed counts.

Knowing the total facility area is beneficial because it gives insight into healthcare organizations’ costs, operations, and governance. Healthcare organizations can learn how to use space better by understanding these factors. In turn, optimal space utilization inspires organizational advancement. Additionally, companies can discover new targets for products and services by having insight into which facilities may have the space and need.

Top 10 hospitals by total facility area in 2023

Hospital name Firm type State Definitive ID Total facility square footage Explore dataset
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center Hospital NY 5039 9,358,475 Explore
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Hospital TN 3742 8,237,743 Explore
AdventHealth Orlando (FKA Florida Hospital Orlando) Hospital FL 873 8,050,384 Explore
Eleanor Slater Hospital Hospital RI 5579 7,817,061 Explore
St Lawrence Psychiatric Center Hospital NY 5960 7,391,052 Explore
Hillsboro Area Hospital Hospital IL 1238 7,277,599 Explore
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Hospital OH 3120 7,101,407 Explore
Kingsboro Psychiatric Center Hospital NY 5030 6,811,599 Explore
Surgeons Choice Medical Center (FKA Oakland Regional Hospital) Hospital MI 2068 6,809,650 Explore
Hutchings Psychiatric Center Hospital NY 6050 6,788,161 Explore

Fig. 1 Data from our HospitalView product. Data is sourced from the January 2024 Medicare Cost Report release.

Top 10 IDNs by total facility area in 2023

Hospital name Firm type State Definitive ID Total facility square footage Explore dataset
HCA Healthcare (FKA Hospital Corporation of America) Health System TN 4710 75,277,035 Explore
New York State Office of Mental Health Health System NY 552464 56,998,809 Explore
Ascension Health Health System MO 4695 46,658,446 Explore
CommonSpirit Health Health System IL 981465 45,775,376 Explore
Trinity Health (FKA CHE Trinity Health) Health System MI 4712 38,334,679 Explore
Advocate Health Health System NC 1057655 24,466,250 Explore
AdventHealth (FKA Adventist Health System) Health System FL 4694 22,440,892 Explore
Tenet Healthcare Health System TX 4685 21,898,009 Explore
Community Health Systems (AKA CHS) Health System TN 542233 21,333,554 Explore
Providence St Joseph Health (AKA Providence) Health System WA 4716 20,215,330 Explore

Fig. 2 Data from our HospitalView product. Data is sourced from the January 2024 Medicare Cost Report release.

Which hospitals and IDNs are the largest?

The Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital is the facility with the highest total facility area in 2023. Located in NY, it has a square footage of 9,358,475. HCA Healthcare is the largest IDN by total facility area. Located in TN, it has a square footage of 75,277,035.

As shown in the data above, healthcare organizations in New York appear five times across both lists and take the top spot on the hospital list, which makes sense since NY is the fourth largest state in the U.S. Tennessee also appears frequently across both lists, likely because Nashville, TN, is a healthcare hub. Major hospitals and health systems, including Vanderbilt University Medical Center, HCA Healthcare, and Community Health Systems, are all in the greater Nashville area.

What is the difference between hospitals and IDNs?

A hospital is a single institution that offers medical care. Comparatively, an IDN, or health system, is an entity that owns and operates a network of healthcare facilities, like hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician groups. Because IDNs typically encompass a large number of facilities, there are many healthcare providers within an IDN. IDNs can also have greater market influence.

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