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Top 25 Regional Purchasing Coalitions by Member Hospitals


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A regional purchasing coalition (RPC) generally consists of healthcare providers leveraging their collective purchasing power to lower prices on necessary supplies. While some RPCs are affiliated with group purchasing organizations (GPOs), many are independent. This list examines the top 25 RPCs by the number of member hospitals, including member hospital net patient revenue.


Top 5 RPCs by Member Hospitals

Rank RPC Name State Hospitals Member Net Patient Revenue (M)
1.  Capstone Health Alliance NC  227 $31.2
2.  Vizient - Captis MN 223 $35.3
3.  Illinois Health and Hospital Association IL 202 $32.9
4.  Childrens Hospital Association KS 180 $57.4
5.  Vizient - Mid-America Service Solutions LLC KS 179 $17.5

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