Direct Patient Care

What is direct patient care?

Direct patient care is a broad term encompassing all healthcare services where a patient sees a healthcare provider face-to-face, without any intermediaries. Telehealth is generally classified as direct patient care even though patients and healthcare providers do not meet in person.

In general, direct patient care can be separated into two distinct categories: inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care refers to more intensive care where a patient is under the direct supervision of a healthcare provider for an extended period of time, usually spending at least one night at the healthcare facility. Outpatient care refers to a less intensive services, such as physical examinations at a primary care office or other same-day services and procedures where the patient is able to leave the provider’s office when the service is complete.

Why is direct patient care important in healthcare?

Direct patient care is an essential part of healthcare that allows patients to get the healthcare services they need from the proper providers. When patients are able to build real relationships with their providers, they often feel more comfortable knowing their health is being managed on a personal level.