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Insights Management

What is insights management? 

Insights management is a way to understand a company’s information needs and manage how the information flows through the organization. When broken down, insights management involves getting the right information to the right people in the right format and at the right time.

Within insights management, information is collected, analyzed, shared, and disseminated in order to make a decision or alter a behavior.

Insights management is a way to use data and glean value from it. These systems include:

  • Data aggregation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Visualization tools
  • Integration capabilities
  • Real-time analysis

How can insights management improve healthcare?

Insights management can pull data from customer feedback sources to identify patterns in how a decision is made or why a behavior is completed. One application of insights management is identifying patterns in a patient’s data and recommending treatments that have been effective for others with similar profiles.

The result of insights management is a better understanding of the patient care experience, which can then lead to better patient outcomes moving forward as healthcare professionals can better predict patient outcomes, measure patient satisfaction, and respond to infection risk.