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Physician Relationship Management (PRM) Software

What is physician relationship management (PRM) software?

PRM software is a centralized platform that enables administrators, physician liaisons, and other business development team members to build profiles for practices and providers, track engagement efforts, record field intelligence, and monitor issues.

PRM software is useful in evaluating referrals, as it allows the business development team to find the key referral sources and evaluate the strength of the relationships over time. The software can deduce where first-time referrals come from or what percentage originates from outreach.

Some other functions that PRM software can help with include:

  • Reducing patient leakage
  • Increasing physician satisfaction
  • Determining patient or payor mix
  • Finding shared patient connections
  • Indicating barriers to patient access

How does PRM software improve patient care?

PRM software allows a business to plan, track, and measure how effective their liaison activity is. Monitoring physician satisfaction can help to prevent physician turnover.

Additionally, PRM software helps businesses visualize where their patients come from, confirm patient pipelines, and reduce outmigration. By identifying barriers to patient access, businesses are better equipped to address and overcome them.