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Most Common Healthcare CRMs by Total Installations

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are a type of software solution that allow businesses and other organizations to organize, manage, and build relationships with their clients. Healthcare providers can integrate these solutions within their electronic health record (EHR) systems to manage patient communications, track remote patient monitoring data, and improve overall care quality.

According to Definitive Healthcare’s Hospitals & IDNs database, a total of 5,626 hospitals report using a healthcare CRM within their facility. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 healthcare CRMs by total number of installations.

What is the most common healthcare CRM?

With 1,852 total installations as of early 2020, Epic Systems Corporation’s Customer Relationship Management and Call Management tool is the most widely used healthcare CRM. Epic is most known for manufacturing a proprietary EHR system. It’s not surprising, then, that the company might also develop a leading CRM solution that could easily integrate with their EHR systems.

SalesforceIQ from Salesforce—a global leader in CRM software development—is the second most common healthcare CRM, with 208 installations reported. Microsoft Corporation appears twice on this list with their Dynamics GP and their Dynamics CRM products ranking 3rd and 7th on this list, respectively.

A significant number of hospitals use a self-developed proprietary CRM software within their EHR systems. As of early 2020, a total of 123 hospitals reported using a proprietary healthcare CRM. Developing a proprietary CRM software helps to promote interoperability across all hospital technology solutions, and ensures that the software will communicate and integrate effectively with other hospital systems.

Top 20 healthcare CRMs by total installations

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RankVendorProduct NameTotal Number of InstallationsExplore This Dataset
1Epic Systems CorporationCustomer Relationship Management/Call Management1,852Explore This Profile
2SalesforceSalesforceIQ208Explore This Profile
3Microsoft CorporationDynamics GP194Explore This Profile
4Proprietary SoftwareSelf-developed123Explore This Profile
5HealthgradesInfluence health/predict60Explore This Profile
6OptumN/A40Explore This Profile
7Microsoft CorporationDynamics CRM34Explore This Profile
8EvariantHCRM32Explore This Profile
9OracleSiebel24Explore This Profile
10PlaymakerN/A22Explore This Profile
11Epicor Software CorporationProphet 2120Explore This Profile
12MarketwareN/A13Explore This Profile
13Press Ganey AssociatesN/A10Explore This Profile
14WelltokN/A10Explore This Profile
15InforInfor CRM9Explore This Profile
16IvantiGoldMine9Explore This Profile
17SAPC/4HANA8Explore This Profile
18Blackbaud IncN/A6Explore This Profile
19OracleNetSuite6Explore This Profile
20Zoho CorporationN/A6Explore This Profile


Fig 1 CRM installation data is aggregated from the Technology Insights (LOGIC) search on Definitive Healthcare’s Hospitals & IDNs database. Installation data is proprietary Definitive Healthcare data and is updated on a continuous basis. Data accurate as of May 2020.

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