Private Practice

What is a private practice in healthcare?

A private practice is a healthcare business that is wholly owned and operated by providers rather than a hospital, health system, or other entity. Typically, a private practice will be run by one physician, but some private practices may include a few providers working together in a group practice.  

These businesses can take many different forms, but all offer patients a way to receive personalized care from experienced providers.

Why is a private practice important to healthcare?

Private practices are essential to the healthcare field for several reasons.

From a patient’s perspective, they offer more personalized care. Because private practices are smaller and have fewer patients, doctors can spend more time with each patient and get to know them personally. This allows them to understand each patient’s individual needs better and tailor their care accordingly.

From a physician’s perspective, private practices offer them more autonomy in care and business decisions. Private practices offer physicians more flexibility in their schedule and a more relaxed feel as they don’t have to follow broader hospital guidelines.

Finally, private practices promote competition within the healthcare industry, which helps to keep costs down.