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Top 25 physician groups by size and Medicare charges

Physician groups come in many shapes and sizes. There are more than 123,000 physician groups in the U.S., ranging in size from a solo physician to more than 13,500 physicians.

In the list below, we explore the largest physician groups based on the number of physicians and total Medicare charges.

25 largest physician groups by number of physicians

RankPhysician group name# of physiciansPhysician group typeMain specialtyStateDefinitive IDExplore dataset
1Southern California Permanente Medical Group13,547Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA550748Explore
2The Permanente Medical Group11,209Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA550751Explore
3Select Physical Therapy9,055Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupTherapy - Physical TherapistFL705013Explore
4HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians7,192Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineFL1047395Explore
5Mayo Clinic Physicians5,554Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineMN550420Explore
6University of Pittsburgh Physicians (AKA UPMC Physicians)5,401Academic/Faculty PracticeInternal MedicinePA550835Explore
7NYU Langone Health Physicians (FKA NYC University Physicians Network)5,089Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNY577713Explore
8Northwestern Medical Group5,046Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineIL552709Explore
9HealthCare Partners IPA5,022Independent Practice AssociationCardiology - CardiologistNY92755Explore
10Northwell Health Physician Partners4,909Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupEmergency MedicineNY550489Explore
11RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group4,607Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNJ597090Explore
12Ascension Medical Group4,585Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupFamily PracticeIN717580Explore
13Penn Medicine Physicians (FKA University of Penn Medical Group)4,238Academic/Faculty PracticeInternal MedicinePA697339Explore
14Banner Health Physicians (FKA Banner Health Medical Group)4,063Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineAZ550243Explore
15Mercy Clinic Physicians3,938Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineOK719401Explore
16Beaumont Health Physicians (FKA William Beaumont Hospital)3,936Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineMI752078Explore
17Geisinger Health Physicians (FKA Geisinger Medical Group)3,872Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupFamily PracticePA550339Explore
18US Anesthesia Partners3,761Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupAnesthesiology - AnesthesiologistFL552756Explore
19Healthcare Associates in Medicine3,615Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNY700908Explore
20Hill Physicians Medical Group3,573Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA550737Explore
21Advocate Medical Group3,533Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineIL550221Explore
22Lancaster General Health Physicians3,434Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupFamily PracticePA550401Explore
23Cleveland Clinic3,351Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineOH618513Explore
24Piedmont Healthcare Physicians3,307Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineGA1007685Explore
25Mount Sinai Doctors3,287Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNY551390Explore

Fig. 1. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianGroupView product. Data is sourced from Definitive Healthcare’s proprietary research and CMS Physicians Compare. Data is accurate as of March 2023.

What is the largest physician group based on the number of physicians?

Southern California Permanente Medical Group tops the list as the largest physician group with more than 13,500 physicians. The medical group is affiliated with Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

The Permanente Medical Group comes in second place with more than 11,000 physicians and Select Physical Therapy rounds out the top three with more than 9,000 physicians.

Most physician groups are single/multi-specialty physician groups, indicating that the group of physicians share their premises and resources to provide patients with one or more types of care. Only one independent practice makes the list (HealthCare Partners IPA), while a handful of academic/faculty practices are included.

25 largest physician group by Medicare charges

RankPhysician group nameMedicare chargesPhysician group typeMain specialtyStateDefinitive ID# of physiciansExplore dataset
1Select Physical Therapy$5,990,557,047 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupTherapy - Physical TherapistFL7050139,055Explore
2HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians$5,983,505,939 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineFL10473957,192Explore
3HealthCare Partners IPA$3,837,671,759 Independent Practice AssociationCardiology - CardiologistNY927555,022Explore
4Texas Oncology$3,108,238,165 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupOncology - Hematology/OncologyTX553058836Explore
5NYU Langone Health Physicians (FKA NYC University Physicians Network)$2,662,355,917 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNY5777135,089Explore
6Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute$2,567,092,880 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupOncology - Hematology/OncologyFL551855289Explore
7Northwestern Medical Group$2,444,228,517 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineIL5527095,046Explore
8RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group$2,362,894,977 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNJ5970904,607Explore
9Advocate Medical Group$2,156,591,903 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineIL5502213,533Explore
10Piedmont Healthcare Physicians$2,057,025,672 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineGA10076853,307Explore
11Northwell Health Physician Partners$2,050,442,809 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupEmergency MedicineNY5504894,909Explore
12US Anesthesia Partners$2,046,500,842 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupAnesthesiology - AnesthesiologistFL5527563,761Explore
13Healthcare Associates in Medicine$1,907,197,723 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineNY7009083,615Explore
14Hill Physicians Medical Group$1,870,572,298 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA5507373,573Explore
15Banner Health Physicians (FKA Banner Health Medical Group)$1,853,336,288 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineAZ5502434,063Explore
16Texas Health Physicians Group$1,687,561,044 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineTX5506352,562Explore
17Mercy Clinic Physicians$1,613,625,120 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineOK7194013,938Explore
18CHRISTUS Health Physicians (FKA CHRISTUS Physician Group)$1,613,345,319 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupFamily PracticeLA7465112,397Explore
19Northside Hospital Physicians (FKA Northside Network Providers)$1,587,712,676 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineGA7491483,098Explore
20Sentara Physicians (FKA Sentara Medical Group)$1,566,370,705 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupFamily PracticeVA5505852,526Explore
21Cleveland Clinic$1,521,165,467 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineOH6185133,351Explore
22UCLA Health System Physicians (FKA UCLA Medical Group)$1,455,953,825 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA6096862,396Explore
23Cedars-Sinai Physicians (FKA Cedars-Sinai Medical Group)$1,452,850,224 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineCA5521271,986Explore
24Beaumont Health Physicians (FKA William Beaumont Hospital)$1,430,665,860 Single/Multi-Specialty Physician GroupInternal MedicineMI7520783,936Explore
25Penn Medicine Physicians (FKA University of Penn Medical Group)$1,338,099,921 Academic/Faculty PracticeInternal MedicinePA6973394,238Explore

Fig. 2. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianGroupView product. Data is sourced from Definitive Healthcare’s proprietary research and CMS Physicians Compare. Data accurate as of March 2023.

What is the largest physician group based on Medicare charges?

Select Physical Therapy tops the list of largest physician groups based on Medicare charges with nearly $6 billion in Medicare charges. It is the only independent practice on the list and employs just over 9,000 physicians. The practice specializes in cardiology.

HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians takes the number two spot with more than $5.9 billion in Medicare charges with HealthCare Partners IPA slightly behind it in the number three spot with $3.8 billion in Medicare charges.

The number of physicians does not appear to impact the Medicare charges as some organizations, like Texas Oncology, do not make the list of largest physician groups based on the number of employees.

Two of the largest physician groups by Medicare charges have fewer than 1,000 physicians and specialize in oncology and anesthesia. Both specialties tend to see high-risk patients and perform more specialized procedures, which likely accounts for more Medicare charges.

What is a physician medical group?

physician group practice involves one or more physicians operating as an organization to provide patient care. These can be classified as either private practices, in which a solo physician owns and manages their own office or group practices where two or more physicians administer care within the same facility.

Group practices, like those included in the lists above, are generally divided into two categories: single-specialty and multi-specialty. Some physicians work solely as part of a physician group practice, though dual employment between a group practice and a hospital or other care facility is not uncommon.

Independent physician group practices offer greater scheduling flexibility and financial security to physicians than solo physician practices, as well as more employee benefits like health insurance.

The larger size of a physician group practice means a wider patient population, allowing physicians to accept greater financial risk in the form of high-risk patients and specialized procedures.

Though physician group practices can be a more reliable employment choice than a solo practice, they may not offer as much support in managing administrative tasks and financial risks as hospitals and other traditional care facilities.

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