Top 10 physician groups in the news for mergers and acquisitions

Healthcare facility mergers and acquisitions (M&A) continue to consolidate health systems and physician groups, especially as care shifts away from hospital settings.

While provider organizations work to increase market share and integrate services or supply chains, patients may feel more restricted in their choice of care providers.

What segment of the healthcare market is seeing the most M&A activity?

Between 2017 and January 2022, Definitive Healthcare recorded more than 4,100 merger and acquisition news stories. Over 2,000 stories were on health system and hospital M&A news and another 1,100 stories covered long-term care facilities. In the same timeframe, there were over 375 physician group M&A news stories tracked.

The following table lists the top ten physician groups with the most merger and acquisition news stories tracked by Definitive Healthcare between 2017 and January 2022.

Physician Groups in the News for M&A Activity

Rank Organization Name Number of M&A News Stories
1 Schweiger Dermatology Group 11
2 Penn State Health Medical Group 8
3 Concentra 7
4 Pinnacle Dermatology 6
5 TEAMHealth 6
6 CORA Physical Therapy 5
7 Gastro Health 5
8 St. Peters Health Partners Medical Associates 5
9 UPMC Pinnacle Physicians 5
10 US Dermatology Partners 5

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianGroupView product. News and intelligence data is proprietary and updated daily. Data accurate as of January 2022.

Which physician groups have the most news stories on M&A?

Understanding ownership changes and facility moves ensures effective targeting and healthcare system mapping. Among physician group M&A, Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City tops the list with 11 merger and acquisition news stories. Penn State Health Medical Group (Harrisburg, PA) and Concentra (Addison, TX) had eight and seven M&A news stories, respectively, between 2017 and January 2022. Pinnacle Dermatology (Lombard, IL) and TEAMHealth (Knoxville, TN) each had six M&A stories.

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