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Urgent Care

What is urgent care?

Urgent care is a type of outpatient care that provides immediate treatment for chronic and acute injury and illness. Urgent care addresses conditions such as allergic reactions, sprains, wounds and fevers. Urgent care physicians work with primary care physicians and specialists in complex situations. Importantly, urgent care is not a substitute for primary care.  

Urgent care clinics must have: 

  • Treatments for a broad range of injuries and illnesses  
  • Communication with hospitals in the area
  • Diagnostic equipment onsite  
  • A procedure room and multiple exam rooms  
  • Extended hours 
  • Capacity for walk-in patients 

Why is urgent care important to healthcare?

Urgent care is important because it offers convenient and accessible medical treatment. Patients can receive care outside of their usual healthcare provider and typical business hours. Urgent care is also an alternative to emergency rooms, where wait times are usually long.