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Wound Care Clinic

What is a wound care clinic?

A wound care clinic is a medical facility that is focused on the diagnosis, care, and treatment of complex non-healing wounds such as ulcers, pressure wounds, or surgical wounds.

Wound care service is provided by healthcare providers who are specialized in this field. The wound care team provides wound assessments and creates a treatment plan that is focused on wound healing and prevention of wound reoccurrence. For wound care, patients can be seen in inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as in their own homes.

Some of the treatment options provided at a wound care clinic include debridement (clearing the wound of dead skin and tissue), skin grafts, ultrasound therapy, negative pressure therapy, and growth factor therapy.

Why is a wound care clinic important in healthcare?

Non-healing wounds that are left untreated carry a risk of further complications, such as infection and amputation, so it is vital that patients receive specialized care and treatment. With providers skilled in treating wounds, a wound care clinic can improve the quality of life of those patients affected.