Top 20 largest IDNs and health systems in Florida

Florida is the third largest state in the U.S by population with more than 23 million people. Its 325 hospitals across the state work together in large-scale health systems to provide consistent and high-quality care across the state.

Using HospitalView, we looked at the largest health systems in Florida with the most member hospitals.

Florida health systems with the most member hospitals

Rank IDN Name City # of Hospitals Net Patient Revenue # of Staffed Beds # of Discharges
1 AdventHealth Altamonte Springs 47 $11,511,262,240 8,371 363,386
2 HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA West Florida Division Tampa 18 $3,222,326,348 3,736 164,207
3 BayCare Health System Clearwater 18 $3,992,206,377 3,383 156,152
4 HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA North Florida Division Tallahassee 15 $3,612,158,542 2,648 171,266
5 HCA Florida Healthcare - HCA East Florida Division Ft Lauderdale 14 $3,064,739,686 3,484 146,687
6 Baptist Health South Florida Coral Gables 12 $4,042,529,348 2,556 99,883
7 Orlando Health Orlando 11 $3,796,417,431 2,661 156,003
8 University of Florida Health Gainesville 9 $2,846,457,272 2,752 99,638
9 Baptist Health Jacksonville 7 $1,950,975,863 1,138 53,184
10 Oglethorpe Inc Tampa 7 $106,049,175 473 11,100
11 Jackson Health System Miami 6 $1,315,420,355 2,616 55,882
12 Landmark Hospitals Naples 6 $67,894,482 168 1,503
13 Tenet Florida Coral Springs 6 $1,549,752,969 1,587 65,621
14 Memorial Healthcare System Hollywood 6 $2,139,852,380 1,804 61,135
15 Ascension Sacred Heart Health System Pensacola 5 $1,187,160,872 888 38,234
16 Lee Health Fort Myers 5 $2,090,400,978 1,736 84,937
17 Broward Health Fort Lauderdale 5 $921,012,698 1,392 46,522
18 Ascension St Vincents HealthCare Jacksonville 4 $863,061,262 836 36,307
19 Health First Rockledge 4 $983,840,309 904 49,389
20 Bethesda Health Boynton Beach 3 $338,186,610 514 16,309

Fig. 1 Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView product. Data is accurate as of August 2022. 

Which health system has the most affiliated hospitals?

AdventHealth is the largest IDN in Florida with 47 member hospitals and 8,371 staffed beds across its network. Founded more than 100 years ago, it has spent the last century acquiring its 47 hospitals, as well as 49 imaging centers, 17 skilled nursing facilities, and 8 physician groups among others. Together, all of these contribute to their consistently higher net patient revenue (NPR) and number of staffed beds than any other network on our list.

Both HCA Florida Healthcare – West Division and BayCare Health System are tied with 18 hospitals in their networks respectively. Interestingly, HCA Florida West has more staffed beds and discharges. However, BayCare has a higher NPR at more than $3.9 billion.

HCA is also one of the largest IDNs in the country. Its work with other hospitals outside its network, as well as a rapid expansion throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, led to the creation of multiple divisions across different healthcare sectors which still exist today.

Many of the hospitals on our list are also featured in a U.S News and World Report ranking of hospitals offering the best quality of care. The ranking of these facilities was determined by patient outcomes and procedure volume. AdventHealth’s Orlando facility ranks #2 in overall quality of care on this list. Baptist Health and the University of Florida Health are also ranked in the top 10 by them.

What is an IDN?

An IDN is an acronym for "integrated delivery network" Also called an integrated health network (IHN) or multihospital system (MHS), an IDN is a group of healthcare providers that operate within a specific geographic region and usually offers a wide range of healthcare services. The purpose of an IDN is to offer a full spectrum of care with as many different specialties as possible.

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