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Outpatient care facilities like ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are in the spotlight for patients, regulators, and care providers due to their accessibility and affordability. ASCs offer an alternative for patients that require routine procedures and are in relatively good health, allowing them to recover at home rather than in a hospital.

The increasing popularity of outpatient surgery centers led the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to reassess whether total joint replacement surgeries are safe to perform in an outpatient setting. In the following list, a knee joint revision costs about $7,800 on average in an ASC, while the same knee joint revision costs an average of $9,100 in an inpatient setting.

Some of the most commonly performed procedures at ASCs include heart monitor and pacemaker implants, as well as the insertion of spinal nerve stimulators. Twelve of the top 25 procedures involve the implant of a heart or spinal cord stimulator. Other common procedures include prosthesis implants, bone fracture treatments, and spinal stenosis treatments.

According to Definitive Healthcare data, the combined charges of the 50 most expensive ASC procedures totaled over $556,000 in 2016. The average charge per procedure was approximately $11,000.


Top 50 Most Expensive Procedures at ASCs

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DescriptionCPT/HCPCS CodeCharge per ProcedureNumber of ProceduresTotal ChargesExplore This Dataset
1.Implant cochlear device69930$28,498 223$6,355,122 Explore This Profile
2.Insert/rplcmt of permanent inflatable defib. w/ transvenous leads33249$28,345 310$8,786,863 Explore This Profile
3.Remv & rplcmt defib w/replacement pacemaker33264$26,255 237$6,222,399 Explore This Profile
4.Implant spinal cord stimulator61886$21,144 41$866,907 Explore This Profile
5.Insert/rplcmt of spinal neurostim63685$20,110 6,394$128,583,703 Explore This Profile
6.Generator, neurostim, high frequency, with rechargeable batteryC1822$19,987 639$12,771,679 Explore This Profile
7.Remv & rplcmt of pulse generator, 1 lead33262$19,897 37$736,194 Explore This Profile
8.Remv & rplcmt of defib, dual lead33263$19,821 159$3,151,610 Explore This Profile
9.Insert of ocular telescope prosthesis0308T$18,085 16$289,356 Explore This Profile
10.Implant neuroelectrodes63655$14,500 906$13,136,697 Explore This Profile
11.Insert/rplcmt peripjeral/gastric neurostim64590$14,382 3,161$45,461,006 Explore This Profile
12.Insrt/rplcmt cranial neurostim pulse gen61885$14,269 94$1,341,286 Explore This Profile
13.Remv & replc of pacemaker, mult leads33229$13,872 74$1,026,505 Explore This Profile
14.Implant spine infusion pump, non-programmable62361$13,368 16$213,884 Explore This Profile
15.Implant spine infusion pump, programmable62362$12,937 1,278$16,533,126 Explore This Profile
16.Insert multi-component penis prosthesis54405$11,626 440$5,115,482 Explore This Profile
17.Insertion of inflatable urethral/bladder neck sphincter53445$11,618 42$487,965 Explore This Profile
18.Remove/replace penis prosthesis54410$11,329 80$906,348 Explore This Profile
19.Remove/replace urethral sphincter53447$11,089 24$266,134 Explore This Profile
20.Endovascular revascularization37227$10,064 33$332,113 Explore This Profile
21.Arthrodesis sacroiliac joint (pelvis & hip)27279$8,922 58$517,453 Explore This Profile
22.Neck spine fusion22554$8,526 17$144,942 Explore This Profile
23.Insert heart pacemaker, atrial33206$8,333 12$99,999 Explore This Profile
24.Reconstruct head of radius24366$8,153 38$309,816 Explore This Profile
25.Insert heart pacemaker, atrial & ventricular33208$8,027 579$4,647,866 Explore This Profile
26.Remv & rplcmt pacemaker pulse gen, dual lead33228$7,983 585$4,669,867 Explore This Profile
27.Insert heart pacemaker ventricular33207$7,974 78$621,960 Explore This Profile
28.Revision of knee joint27446$7,891 1,958$15,450,371 Explore This Profile
29.Insert pulse gen, dual leads33213$7,791 16$124,662 Explore This Profile
30.Neck spine fuse & remov c2 cervical disc22551$7,789 539$4,198,207 Explore This Profile
31.Fusion of foot bones28735$7,754 23$178,352 Explore This Profile
32.Treat humerus fracture24546$7,754 18$139,571 Explore This Profile
33.Implant temple bone w/stimul69714$7,701 174$1,339,991 Explore This Profile
34.Replace elbow joint24363$7,699 11$84,684 Explore This Profile
35.Treat humerus fracture24545$7,639 28$213,892 Explore This Profile
36.Fusion of foot bones28715$7,590 88$667,911 Explore This Profile
37.Fusion of ankle joint open27870$7,552 105$792,944 Explore This Profile
38.Revise kneecap with implant27438$7,387 57$421,060 Explore This Profile
39.Open/percutaneous placement of stent37238$6,716 43$288,783 Explore This Profile
40.Insert spine infusion device62360$6,668 15$100,013 Explore This Profile
41.Insert 1 electrode pacemaker-defib33216$6,213 15$93,190 Explore This Profile
42.Implant patient-activated ardiac event recorder33282$6,208 653$4,053,935 Explore This Profile
43.Remv & rplcmt pacemaker gen single33227$6,051 93$562,757 Explore This Profile
44.Insrt of interlaminar stabilization dev22868$5,982 31$185,441 Explore This Profile
45.Insrt of interlaminar stabilization dev w/o decompression22869$5,958 31$184,701 Explore This Profile
46.Removal of pacemaker gen33233$5,952 60$357,106 Explore This Profile
47.Insert semi-rigid penile prosthesis54400$5,948 17$101,114 Explore This Profile
48.Male sling procedure, urethra53440$5,940 67$397,978 Explore This Profile
49.Endovascular recatheterization, open37226$5,743 22$126,336 Explore This Profile
50.Prostate proced, unclassified55873$5,617 121$679,614 Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on the 2016 Medicare Ambulatory Surgery Center Limited Data Set (LDS) (1/1/2016-12/31/2016). Calendar Year 2017 data is projected to be released in early 2019 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).