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Top 10 emerging technology procedures in 2021

Emerging technologies consist of new and developing technologies across a variety of industries, such as education, business and science. Definitive Healthcare currently tracks more than 300 emerging technologies in the medical field.  

Below, we rank the top 10 emerging technology procedures by number of procedures. 

Top 10 emerging technology CPT codes by number of procedures in 2021

Rank CPT code CPT description # total procedures Avg charge/procedure Explore dataset
0042T Cerebral perfusion analysis CT with blood flow & volume 107,420 $1,016  Explore
0191T Anterior segment insertion drainage without reservoir internal 81,937 $4,309  Explore
0376T Anterior segment insertion drainage without reservoir each additional  28,784 $2,280  Explore
0356T Insertion of drug implant into lacrimal canaliculus for IOP 24,056 $704  Explore
0232T NJX platelet plasma with IMG harvest/preparation 22,877 $2,096  Explore
0055T Computer-assisted musculoskeletal navigational orthopedic CT/MRI 17,316 $5,448  Explore
0509T Pattern electroretinography with interpretation & report  13,284 $185  Explore
0373T Adaptive behavioral treatment with protocol modification each 15 min tech time 10,032 $1,064  Explore
0358T BIA whole body composition assessment with interpretation & report 7,213 $50  Explore
10 0275T Percutaneous laminotomy/laminectomy indirect image guidance lumbar 6,938 $8,480  Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare ClaimsMx product for the 2021 calendar year. Data is accurate as of May 2022.   

Which emerging technology had the most procedures in 2021? 

CPT code 0042T, cerebral perfusion analysis CT with blood flow & volume, had the most procedures with 107,420. Code 0042T accounted for just around one-third of the total top 10 procedures. Across the top 10 procedures, there were 319,857 total procedures and an average of 31,986 procedures.  

The most expensive technology among the top 10 was code 0275T, percutaneous laminotomy/laminectomy indirect image guidance lumbar, which had an average charge of $8,480 per procedure. This is nearly 56% more expensive than the second most expensive code, 0055T, computer-assisted musculoskeletal navigational orthopedic CT/MRI, which had an average charge of $5,448 per procedure. Across the top 10 procedures, the average charge per procedure was $2,563.  

What effect do emerging technologies have? 

Emerging technologies refer to advancements that transform industries and greatly impact economic and social areas. They typically have high growth potential from considerable secular, thematic or disruptive growth, which contributes to their ability to secure venture capital. Emerging technologies generally will become more widely available in 5-10 years.  

AI and machine learning are two examples of emerging technologies that exist across industries.  

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