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Top clinical laboratories by medical lab procedure volume

Clinical medical laboratories are healthcare facilities that provide a wide range of laboratory procedures that help healthcare providers (HCP) diagnose, treat, and manage patient health. These facilities may also be referred to as medical testing labs.

Below, we’ve listed the top 20 clinical medical laboratories in the U.S. by procedure volume. The data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianView and Atlas All-Payor Claims products for the calendar year 2022.

Top 20 laboratory companies by procedure volume

RankBilling facilityFacility NPIFacility cityFacility state% of total 2022 clinical lab procedure volumeExplore dataset
1Unilab Corporation 1366479099WEST HILLSCA6.90%Explore
2Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 1932145778CLIFTONNJ5.10%Explore
3Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. 1194769497AUSTINTX3.50%Explore
4Empire City Laboratories, Inc 1053584482BROOKLYNNY2.50%Explore
5Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc 1891731626TAMPAFL2.40%Explore
6Laboratory Corporation of America 1659352276SAN DIEGOCA2.20%Explore
7Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings 1063497451RARITANNJ1.90%Explore
8Bioreference Health, LLC 1134277494ELMWOOD PARKNJ1.80%Explore
9Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc 1790721538IRVINGTX1.70%Explore
10Quest Diagnostics LLC IL 1881630614WOOD DALEIL1.50%Explore
11Healthtrackrx Indiana, Inc 1689639544DENTONTX1.40%Explore
12Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings 1538144910BURLINGTONNC1.40%Explore
13Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc 1518903350MIRAMARFL1.30%Explore
14Accu Reference Medical Lab, LLC 1225110497LINDENNJ1.20%Explore
15Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc 1932166386TUCKERGA1.20%Explore
16Millennium Health, LLC 1497933162SAN DIEGOCA1.20%Explore
17Unilab Corporation 1619913449SACRAMENTOCA1.10%Explore
18Labone LLC 1609812445LENEXAKS1.00%Explore
19Centers Lab NJ LLC 1598315574CEDAR KNOLLSNJ1.00%Explore
20Sunrise Medical Laboratories, Inc. 1376587113HICKSVILLENY0.90%Explore

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianView and Atlas All-Payor Claims products for calendar year 2022. Claims data is sourced from multiple medical clearinghouses in the U.S. and is updated monthly. Data accessed June 2023.

What is the top clinical medical laboratory?

Unilab Corporation, headquartered in West Hills, California, was the top clinical medical laboratory by procedure volume in 2022. This lab performed 6.9% of all clinical laboratory procedures.

In second place is Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. Quest Diagnostics in Clifton, New Jersey performed 5.1% of all lab procedures in 2022.

Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. was the third top clinical medical laboratory in 2022, performing 3.5% of all clinical lab procedures.

The list of these 20 clinical medical laboratories is representative of where testing is billed and does not include collection sites. While laboratory testing is not exclusively performed in these clinical medical laboratories, these labs are the most prevalent vendors for handling large volumes of testing procedures.

Some laboratory companies, such as Quest Diagnostics, Laboratory Corporation of America, and Unilab Corporation appear in this list multiple times with different locations due to different NPI numbers.

What role do clinical laboratories play in healthcare?

Clinical laboratories are typically situated in or near hospital facilities and perform tests on specimens collected from patients.

Data reports from the laboratories are entered into a laboratory information system (LIS) which is a platform that processes, manages, and stores the patients’ lab data. The LIS can send orders for analysis, receive test orders, check test quality, track orders and results, and send results to EHR systems for providers and patients to access.

Clinical lab technicians, those who collect and test patient samples, are a crucial part of the care team and help diagnose health conditions based on the test sample.

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