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Top 20 physician specialties with the highest telemedicine insight scores

For companies offering telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, a provider’s level of engagement with telehealth technology can be a key component to segmenting the market. For healthcare software and IT companies, more broadly, a provider’s telehealth usage – or lack thereof – could indicate a general appetite to adopt new technologies.

What components are used to determine a provider’s level of telehealth activity?

Definitive Healthcare offers healthcare organizations a variety of ways to deepen their understanding of telehealth utilization within their market. All-payor claims data offers insights into both diagnosis claims made during telehealth visits and the related procedure codes. This data can be used to size, segment, and prioritize accounts.

To provide organizations with a faster, more accessible means of uncovering which providers use telemedicine technology, we’ve developed proprietary Telemedicine Insight Scores in our PhysicianView product.

Using a 5-star scale, a provider’s telemedicine capabilities are determined using the number of billed telehealth claims and the percentage of the total claims conducted via telehealth.

The Telemedicine Insight Score helps our clients gain a more granular understanding of a provider’s telehealth utilization so they can more accurately segment the market and target key provider prospects.

Using healthcare commercial intelligence from the Atlas Dataset, we analyzed more than 100,000 provider profiles with the highest Telemedicine Insight Scores (3, 4, or 5 stars) to identify the top primary specialties with the most providers utilizing telehealth.

Which physician specialties have the highest Telemedicine Insight Scores?

RankPrimary specialtyNumber of providersExplore dataset
1Social Worker - Licensed Clinical Social Worker37,479Explore
2Nurse - Nurse Practitioner18,595Explore
3Psychology - Clinical Psychologist16,927Explore
5Physician Assistant3,746Explore
6Family Practice3,519Explore
7Dietitian/Nutrition Professional2,779Explore
8Internal Medicine2,760Explore
9Therapy - Speech Language Pathologist1,177Explore
10Pediatric Medicine1,162Explore
14Emergency Medicine474Explore
16Therapy - Physical Therapist389Explore
18Nurse - Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist364Explore
19General Practice339Explore
20Oncology - Hematology/Oncology279Explore

Fig 1. Data is from our PhysicianView product. Telemedicine Insight Scores are proprietary and aggregated from all-payor claims data from multiple clearinghouses in the United States. Accessed March 2024.

Which specialties have the most providers using telehealth?

Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) take first place, with more than 37,000 providers actively using telehealth in 2023. According to the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, these professionals make up the largest group of mental healthcare providers in the U.S. LCSWs may help patients work through behavioral disorders or mental illnesses and often work in conjunction with doctors, psychiatrists, and others to get patients the services they need.

Nurse practitioners are in second place, with 18,595 providers using telehealth technology to deliver care in 2023. Clinical psychologists are in third place for telehealth utilization with 16,927 providers.

When looking at telehealth utilization by specialty, three of the top 10 specialties deal with mental health, including licensed clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, and psychiatry. This aligns with our data on telehealth diagnoses in recent years. Fifteen of the top 20 telehealth diagnoses of 2023 were related to mental and behavioral health, including conditions such as anxiety and depression, PTSD, ADHD, and more.

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