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Top 10 ACOs in Florida by gross savings

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are groups of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who voluntarily come together to deliver coordinated care to specific patient populations. These networks offer high-quality care to Medicare-eligible patients, with a particular focus on older adults and people living with disabilities or chronic conditions.   

According to ConnectedCareView, there are about 145 active ACOs operating in Florida as of 2021. We used this product to track which ACOs in the state generated the most in gross Medicare savings. This metric is determined by calculating an ACO’s total expenditures minus its total beneficiary expenditures. The value represents the total savings (or losses in some cases) to be split between the ACO and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

Top ACOs in Florida with the highest generated savings in 2021

ACO name Definitive ID City Gross generated savings Patient population Explore dataset
Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization 552157 Palm Springs $72,427,998  80,864 Explore
Millennium Accountable Care Organization 802274 Fort Myers $55,435,857  66,651 Explore
Orange Accountable Care of South Florida Track 3 904018 Miami $21,821,612  15,861 Explore
West Florida ACO 552125 Trinity $20,288,220  17,553 Explore
Citrus ACO (AKA Citrus County ACO) 846871 Lecanto $15,943,215  11,196 Explore
California Clinical Partners ACO LLC 1002254 West Palm Beach $15,379,221  18,131 Explore
Baptist Physician Partners ACO LLC 963629 Jacksonville $14,533,413  40,723 Explore
Physicians ACO (PACO) 829025 Ocala $13,231,699  7,689 Explore
BayCare Physician Partners ACO 800685 Clearwater $13,032,240  43,692 Explore
Orange Accountable Care of New York 800773 Miami Lakes $12,847,014  11,140 Explore

Fig 1. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare ConnectedCareView product. Data is sourced from Definitive Healthcare’s proprietary research and CMS Physicians Compare. Data accurate as of September 2022.

Which ACOs in Florida generated the greatest savings in 2021? 

Definitive Healthcare data show that Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization generated more than $72 million in Medicare savings in 2021, making them number one on our list of the top ACOs in Florida. They’re also the largest ACO in Florida by patient population, serving 80,864 patients in 2021. 

Second is Millennium ACO, which generated more than $55 million in gross Medicare savings in 2021. Both Palm Beach ACO and Millennium ACO are among the ACOs that have Medicare savings across the U.S. On our nationwide ranking, Palm Beach ranks third and Millennium ranks ninth.  

Orange Accountable Care of South Florida Track 3 ranks third on our list, having grossed $21,821,612 in savings. However, it has the seventh highest patient population, serving only 15,861 people in 2021.  

What are the benefits of an ACO? 

An ACO connects the different component parts of patient care—ranging from primary care physicians and specialists to hospitals and home health care—into one coordinated and holistic team. ACOs provide many benefits to patients, such as: 

  • Accessibility: Healthcare providers who belong to an ACO follow a model of care that emphasizes access to care. These providers typically offer extended hours and may work during the evenings or weekends.  

  • Communication: Patients are heavily involved in the discussions and decisions surrounding their care, so that they can work with their providers to receive the right treatment for them. Clear, open communication channels also improve patient satisfaction and retention. 

  • Better quality care: Because ACOs are so patient-centric, providers only perform the tests and examinations that are necessary. And with a coordinated care team and EHRs, providers can determine which services have already been given, simultaneously reducing unnecessary duplication and reducing costs. 

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